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Every Day Prepping . . . Preparedness Gear, the good the bad and the Unused

Monthly Garden Report

The veggies are growing. I just wish I could put them on fast forward.

Book Review: The Unthinkable Who survives when disaster strikes and why.

I really enjoyed this book.

APP News Trailer

Really I’m just playing with Adobe After Effects Templates. But in all seriousness, I take a peek at my budding Brussel Sprouts and disappearing Chards. Later I will detail a workable water plan I’ve been working on.

Every Day Carry

The EDC or the Every Day Carry is a current obsession of mine. I break down my current EDC and why I carry each item.

SHELTER WORKSHOP with Christopher Nyerges

Weekly Garden Report

First Youtube Broadcast

The First broadcast of the Afro Prepper Pasadena Youtube Channel