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I need more flexibility in my life

Splits 🍌🍌🍌 Ever since I managed to get myself into this monkey pose πŸ’ (aka the might splits) I'm constantly being asked "How?!" πŸ™Œ So these are the stretches I do daaiillly to open up all aspects of the split πŸ’œ These aren't the only ones you can do, but some of my favourites. 1) Downward facing dog, 2) Three ... Read More »

March Prepper Goals

The word is small steps. Sometimes life gets in the way of our preparedness efforts. Sometimes every day things are really a prep. March is the month I’m dedicating to putting together a β€œGet Home Bag” for one of the cars for the family. I know I need something in each car but β€œhey” I gotta start somewhere. This month ... Read More »

Little by Little Every Day

No matter how much I would like to buy the years worth of food from Mountain House, but I don’t have the money. I’ve realized that it takes time to create a real viable food storage system. I’m growing every day into this prepping lifestyle. Β I’ve always thought that the “world of things” is a very precarious one. Its about ... Read More »